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Hidroh that; Combining 25 years of knowledge and experience of its founders in the field of hydraulic pneumatics, it started operating in 2011 in order to serve industrial needs.

Regardless of the sector, Hidrohan operates in hydraulic, pneumatic, filtration, fittings, automation and project design and production in parallel.

As Hidrohan, we serve our valued customers in spare parts supply, engineering, technical support and training services in hydraulic and pneumatic systems that we attach great importance to.

At the same time, we produce hydraulic power units, hydraulic control blocks, filtration systems, valve stands, hydraulic cylinder designs and manufacturing, hydraulic power plants, hydraulic systems, and customer-oriented turnkey special hydraulic machines.

While our project designs are focused on customer satisfaction and maximum working efficiency, our manufacturing is done by prioritizing occupational health and safety.

Within the body of Hidrohan, special hydraulic-pneumatic trainings can be provided to companies.

  • To provide appropriate products and services in line with the needs of our customers
  • Moving forward with developing time and technology
  • To continuously increase its market share
  • Developing new projects commensurate with technical standards and expectations
  • Acting with team spirit, to provide an efficient and pleasant environment with our employees
  • To fulfill our responsibilities by developing products harmless to nature in the stages of developing our projects and providing our services.

Being one of the locomotive companies of the sector that keeps customer satisfaction at the maximum by making a difference with our alternative product options, timely and accurate service, reasonable price policy and innovative works.

  • Making the right design at once
  • Contributing to the development of the sector with its applications
  • Providing maximum efficiency by adopting the companies studied
  • Always working with total quality